Kanye And Kim's Engagement: The First Footage Surfaces

KimYe celebrate with friends, family and Jaden Smith in new video taken from their Monday engagement.

Given that there were approximately 56,989 cameras on site (reality TV don't make itself!) it's odd that the first footage of Kanye West's epic proposal to Kim Kardashian comes from someone who looks like they were filming from the visitor's dugout at AT&T Park.

Kim and Kanye -- First Video of the Proposal

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Yes, TMZ obtained video shot during on Monday night in San Francisco, when West popped the question to KK with the help of a 50-piece orchestra, a scoreboard, plenty of pyro, oh, yeah, and an engagement ring worth millions of dollars. And though the footage is blurry, it also reveals plenty.

Like, for example, the fact that Kanye got down on one knee in the infield — right around second base, for those scoring at home — when asking for Kim's hand in marriage, with the orchestra playing behind them in shallow center. Kardashian holds both hands to her face while he's doing it, and after presumably saying "Yes," the two embrace, while family and friends flock out of both dugouts to join them in celebration.

From the looks of things, the Kardashian Klan was representing in full — we can see Rob, Khloe and mom Kris! — as was Jaden Smith, who runs around in right field, freaking out for reasons apparent only to him (this seems to be his default reaction to everything these days).

Later on, we can see KimYe posing for pictures — while West sings along to his own hit "All Of the Lights" — in front of dozens of cameras. They're then toasted by someone (maybe Kris?) who tells Kim "Congratulations. Happy birthday; what an incredible birthday present. And glad Kanye's in your life," while folks cheer wildly.