Kanye And Kim’s Mysterious Third Wheel: 4 More Things He Can Grin About

He's smiling at everything from Kimye's engagement to the moon landing to the end of the war.

Kim Kardashian may be gushing over her “magical” engagement to Kanye West, but there’s one man out there who, we think, may be even more pumped than the reality star: the mysterious third man, who was captured grinning ear to ear in an Instagram photo of the couple after Kanye put a ring on it.

Embedded from instagram.com.

Kanye and Kardashian’s closest friends and family gathered at AT&T Park in San Francisco on Monday so that he could pop the question to the mother of his child. The event was lavish to the max, with ’Ye renting out not only an entire MLB stadium, but also a 50-piece orchestra. Oh, and the 15-carat engagement ring he slipped on her finger wasn’t too shabby, either. We weren’t at the fete — must have lost the invitation in the mail — but we imagine the joy was contagious.

Still, no one appeared to be feeling it more than the man we have come to dub “Third Man,” a bearded guest standing to the left of Kim and Kanye in an Instagram photo. Yup, Kanye and Kim might be smiling from ear to ear, but this dude’s toothy grin — one that goes all the way up to his eyes — has them beat. “Happy for them” just seems like an understatement.

Inspired by Third Man’s benevolent glow, MTV News has imagined four other instances that the smiling bro could potential shine his love light on. Check them out below:

Third Man Is Happy For Buzz Aldrin
Third Man has traveled back to 1969 to pay a visit to Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on that big ol’ rock floating around in space. Needless to say, he’s over the moon for Buzz (get it?!).

Third Man Is Happy For The Obamas
We’re not sure about Third Man’s political allegiances, but who can help but smile at the embrace that President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama shared after his 2012 re-election? Third Man certainly cannot. Group hug, guys? … Guys?