Watch Young Scooter Getting Released From Jail: Exclusive

MTV News obtains footage of Scooter's October 2 release from DeKalb County Jail in Georgia.

Young Scooter showed a ton of promise last year when his mixtape grind spawned "Colombia," the most notable single of his career, which in turned spawned an all-star remix with Rick Ross and Birdman. All seemed to be going well for the Atlanta rapper until his career was briefly derailed when he was booked on probation violation charges on April 8.

It was a brief bump in the road for Scooter, born Kenneth Edward Bailey, but on October 2, he was released from DeKalb County Jail. MTV News obtained a brief clip of his release on Wednesday (October 23).

In the video, Scooter walks out wearing all white as family and friends applaud and cheer. With a smile on his face, Scooter hugs his son and together they walk through the jail's metal detectors before the short video cuts off.

Through Scooter was locked down for six months, his team continued to release previously recorded music to satisfy fans. In August, Scooter's From the Cell Block to Your Block was released online for free and boasted guest appearances from rappers such as Future, Wale, YG and Gucci Mane.

Scooter and Gucci have a close relationship. In February they dropped their collaborative Free Bricks 2 mixtape and in April MTV's RapFix blog discovered that the two rappers were actual cellmates during their time at Dekalb County.

"We just really talking about how we don't need to be in this situation, how we really have got to do better. We've got a lot of fans, a lot of people depending on us, mainly our family and kids," Scooter told of the conversations he and Gucci would have while locked up. "For being a rapper, we've got a lot of fans, and they don't want to see us incarcerated. And both of us being in the same cell that was like kind of crazy."

While he was locked up, Scooter penned an open letter to his fans where he expressed his regret. "I apologize to all my fans I miss everyone of you although I don't wanna be here but once you in there's nowhere to go," he wrote.