Jonas Brothers Fans Promise To Hang In 'No Matter How Long It Takes'

After Joe and Nick ask fans to give them some time, fans pledge patience, and frustration.

When Nick and Joe Jonas finally broke their silence
 about the abrupt cancellation
 of the Jonas Brothers' tour, let's be honest, they didn't give us much to go on.

"Please hold while we get our sh-- together," isn't exactly an explanation of what is going on with the potentially costly tour hold
. But considering that the tweets were the first ray of daylight since the equally unexpected shuttering of the Jonas Brothers' Twitter account
, fans were happy just to hear anything from the siblings.

"'@nickjonas: Bear with Us'" I'll always stay with you baby I'm not leaving," wrote fan K on Tuesday. Another die-hard, Nicole, assured the trio that the love will endure. "True fans are going to 'bare with them,' no matter how long it takes," she said. "It's hard waiting, but they're trying their best."

For the most part, the JoBro tweets just inspired fans to beg the boys to promise they weren't breaking up, except for the few who were kind of angry about the radio silence. In addition to one who said she was annoyed that they'd deleted their joint Twitter account, another said she expected more from Nick, Joe and Kevin.

"I'm not upset. I'm angry," wrote Sarah H. "They owe it to their fans to explain and apologise. We've done this for 8 years."

"I'm just upset Joe," admitted Tyler Cicardo. "I wish you guys would have said something sooner. I was really looking forward to your NJ show."