Childish Gambino Has ‘Stepped Up,’ Fans Praise At Spontaneous Listening Party

Attentive fans were able to hear never-before-heard tracks off Because the Internet Monday night in Washington Square Park.

NEW YORK — Donald Glover, a.k.a. Childish Gambino wasn’t planning to throw a party in Washington Square Park, but that’s what happened Monday night when the actor-turned rapper took to Twitter to announce his whereabouts. And fans who showed up were treated to a sneak peek of tracks off his upcoming album Because the Internet.

Hundreds of fans swarmed the park — 21-year-old Alex Kundrat “may have knocked some people over” — to get a listen to never-before-heard songs and talk to CG about his sophomore LP.

“We were like, how about we just tell people to come and then people did, I didn’t expect it,” Glover told MTV News. “My fans are the only reason I’m here. Their feedback is important.”

And feedback he received.

“It was good, like, I definitely saw like some head nods on some things and some weird like, ‘what is that,’ which is great,” he said. “That’s all I wanted, I just don’t want to do things the same, nothing typical anymore.”

New York University sophomore Jordan Williams was among the members in the crowd nodding their heads.

“He, like, definitely stepped his game up on this one,” the 19-year-old said. “I feel like production-wise it seemed like he spent a little more time on the little things, which was what I was kind of looking out for.”

Also impressed was 18-year-old Tyler Mitchell, who referred to CG’s new material as an evolution. “He changed his whole artistic image, I feel like he just kind of erased himself for a while and then, like, reappeared.”

The listening session coincided with the release of Glover’s new single “3005.” His new album is scheduled to drop December 10.

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