Jonas Brothers Break Silence After Tour Cancellation: 'Please Hold'

Two weeks after citing a 'deep rift' for calling off their tour, Nick and Joe take to Twitter to ask fans to 'bear with us.'

They are two words frustrating to hear from anyone -- and when it's the Jonas Brothers telling you to "please hold" after two weeks of no communication, it's just terrifying.

But that's all Joe and Nick Jonas had to say on Tuesday (October 22), thirteen days after their rather abrupt — and in the eyes of JoBro fans everywhere, truly life-altering — tour cancellation.

"please hold while we get our sh-- together," Joe wrote, while Nick kept it even more brief, simply asking fans to "bear with us."

That hardly clears up the cloud of confusion they left behind when they cited "a deep rift within the band" as the reason for calling off their 19-city trek. "There was a big disagreement over their music direction," a rep told for the band told MTV News at the time. And it certainly doesn't clarify reports that the future of the band "remains to be seen."

We do know is that the Jonas Brothers' twitter account still hasn't turned up after going missing last week. All we can do is hope that they can find that same excitement they felt last October when they reunited onstage at Radio City Music Hall.

"It feels really good," Kevin shared with MTV News at the time. "It's been a long time coming. We've all been doing some individual stuff and on our own journeys, but now we're coming back together and the show's kind of the kick off to that."