Kim Kardashian’s $1.25 Million Engagement Ring? Kanye Breaks The Bank For Love

$200k to rent a stadium, $80k for an orchestra ... Kanye went big when he proposed to Kim!

Kimye took an important step towards legal recognition on Monday night, when Kanye West and Kim Kardashian got engaged in San Francisco.

As you’d probably imagine, ’Ye proposed to KK in the most understated way possible, renting out an MLB stadium, hiring a 50-piece orchestra and plastering his proposal on a scoreboard. Oh, and then there was the 15-carat engagement ring he slipped on her finger. Only the best for his bride-to-be, after all.

And while we’d like to join the chorus of friends and family wishing the couple all the best, we also couldn’t help but wonder: how could us mere mortals could pull off an engagement of this magnitude?

Simple answer? We’d need pretty deep pockets. After crunching the numbers, here’s a dollar-by-dollar breakdown of KimYe’s engagement. Turns out whoever said love don’t cost a thing clearly didn’t know what they were talking about.

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$175: That’s how much it costs to get a message on the scoreboard in San Fran’s AT&T Park. That buys you four customizable lines of 20 characters — including spaces and punctuation — and messages “cannot be used for commercial purposes.” Though, given Kim Kardashian was involved, we suspect they’re going to ignore that last part.

$50,000 – $80,000: The going rate to rent a symphony orchestra for a private event. Of course, if you’re looking to cut a few corners, the ever-reliable WikiAnswers suggests looking to Western Europe, since, “after the collapse of Communism … local governments could not afford to finance orchestra.” That means you could have a bunch of musicians from the Czech Republic play your engagement for the low, low price of around $5,000.

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