Lady Gaga And R. Kelly Say 'Do What U Want,' And Little Monsters Dance

ARTPOP track gets 'amazinggg' reviews from fans.

Lady Gaga and R.Kelly, together on the same track. The mind boggled at the possibilities, the overwhelming majority of which could generally be described as "batsh-- crazy."

Yes, when it was first announced that two of music's most mercurial stars would be teaming up for the ARTPOP track "Do What U Want," folks couldn't wait to hear the end result. Would there be animal noises, a la "The Zoo?" Sexual metaphors thinly disguised as odes to Oreos? And more importantly, just who would get to wear the Zorro mask?

Sadly, for all the craziness connoisseurs out there, aside from its bootylicious cover artTwitter rant that preceded it — it turns out "Do What U Want" is a decidedly straightforward jam, one that finds Gaga spending most of her time telling off her detractors (Robert, it should be noted, still goes for greatness, cooing come-hither lines like "I can be the drink in your cup/I could be the green in your blunt.")

Despite its (relative) normalcy, "Do What U Want" still scores, thanks to a lurching, lascivious beat, Gaga's big-time vocals, a corker of a chorus and, of course, Kelly's cool, coital contributions. But was it everything her fans were hoping for? Let's head to Twitter to find out (spoiler alert: the answer is "Yes.")

Of course, there are a few Little Monsters out there who found the pairing to be a bit, uh, odd ... though not for any musical reasons, mind you.