‘Catching Fire’ Soundtrack Exclusive: Listen To Of Monsters And Men’s New Song

MTV News premieres 'Silhouettes' off 'Catching Fire' soundtrack and gets the scoop on the song.

Of Monsters and Men may have never been cast into a brutal arena and forced to fight for their lives — but they have been on tour. And according to band member Ragnar þórhallsson, the band was able to draw on that experience to pen their contribution to “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” soundtrack, “Silhouettes.” A preview of that track premieres exclusively Tuesday (October 22) on MTV News.

“We had been traveling for a long time and away from our family and doing something we had never done before, so that was kind of how we related to the story,” þórhallsson told MTV News. “So this is all based on our experience.”

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