‘Doctor Who’ At 50: What All New Whovians Should Know!

Trailer has been released for anniversary special 'The Day of the Doctor,' which airs November 23.

“Doctor Who” may turn 50 years old on November 23, but the series is just getting started, if the millions of fans who tuned in to watch the first trailer for the upcoming anniversary special are to be believed. But for a new Whovian (that’s the name of the Doctor Who fanbase, natch), 50 years of history and continuity might seem like an overwhelming prospect.

Good news, then! The “50 Year Trailer” provides you with everything you need to know about “Doctor Who” and the upcoming special, “The Day of the Doctor,” to jump right in. With our handy breakdown, you’ll be wearing a long scarf and saying, “Fezzes are cool!” in no time. (Those are both “Doctor Who” references, by the way.)

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