Ariana Grande's 'Big, Floppy' Secrets: Here's 5 Things We Learned About Her Today

Grande dishes the dirt on Yours Truly, including which body part made her laugh on 'Popular Song.'

It's no secret that Katy Perry is a fan of Ariana Grande — or that her debut album, Yours Truly, debuted at #1 — but did you know that one of the songs on her record got some extra flavor from a crude joke?

On Friday (October 18), Grande decided to give her family of fans an inside look at Yours Truly, which dropped at the end of August, tweeting, "Today is #YoursTruly fun facts day!! I'll be posting facts about my album randomly throughout the day... I'll try my best to make em fun lol."

And boy, did she deliver — from tidbits about being tipsy to inside info about hidden features and samples, Grande has been spending the day dispensing the (seriously intriguing) knowledge to her faithful fans. Here's five facts seriously worth a RT:

Grande's 'Victorious' Castmate Strolls Down 'Honeymoon Avenue'

You may have known that Leon Thomas III (a.k.a. Andre Harris on "Victorious") lent his producing skills to Yours Truly, but did you place those dulcet tones as his at the beginning of "Honeymoon Avenue"? Looks like the honeymoon is not, indeed, over for this acting duo.

Grande Has Imbibed

She may be 20, but it seems as though pop singer has, in fact, sampled the fire water — as least according to #YoursTruly fact #2 about her clubby jam, "Better Left Unsaid": "#BetterLeftUnsaid used to be called #Tipsy... 'don't play me, just kiss me' used to be 'don't blame me, I'm typsy [sic].'"

Grande Might Die In Her New Video

If she stays faithful to that whole Shakespeare thing, that is. The next video the singer plans to release will be "Romeo & Juliet"-themed—- for her Big Sean-featuring love anthem, "Right There." The vid will be directed by The Young Astronauts, who also directed her "Almost Is Never Enough" video, featuring The Wanted's Nathan Sykes, her boyfriend. No word yet if he will co-star.

Grande's Grandparents Are Features

Last year, Grande uploaded an adorable video called "Frank & Babe," detailing how her grandparents fell in love. Well, it seems like some of audio from that video made it into

"Daydreamin'." Cue the collective "Awwwww!" Also, we're pretty sure Grande loves her grandparents more than you do — time to call Papa and Meemaw, STAT.

She Has A Dirty Side

Grande may show her mature side in individuality anthem "Popular Song," featuring MIKA, but it turns out that she has the same sick, twisted sense of humor as your average class clown.

"When U hear me laugh at 1:43 it was because the producer said 'big floppy penis' in my headphones... Idk why," Grande said. We wonder who it is that has his mind in the gutter— MIKA or Greg Wells. Maybe she'll reveal that next.