Watch The Grossest, Goriest Scenes In Film With This Very Bloody Supercut

From 'Fargo' to 'Cabin in the Woods,' we've compiled the bloodiest of the bloody.

Warning: Very gory, and possibly NSFW.

You're gonna want to grab a wet wipe ... or maybe 90 wet wipes. Things are about to get really messy in here. Bloody messy, you might say.

Slasher flicks aren't usually known for their subtlety, but the cuts of, well, cuts that we've unearthed from our favorite horror movies really open up the "bloodgates" when it comes to pushing out the plasma, positively gushing with gore.

In short, our supercut of the goriest scenes ever to grace the silver screen — in celebration of Halloween, of course — will leave you begging for cleanup in aisle five.

Whether you're into Christian Bale's baby face getting sprayed with hemoglobin as he axes up a victim in "American Psycho" or the classic iron-rich wood chipper scene in "Fargo" is more your speed, our blood-soaked supercut has something for you. Love blood, but don't need it to come from any particular source? The crimson wave rushing down a hotel hallway in "The Shining" might be your jam! We've got blood on faces, blood exploding inexplicably out of the center of a mattress, blood coming out of shower! (Can't help but wonder about the water pressure on that one.) Whatever your blood type, you'll find your match.

We're not encouraging anyone to take inspiration from the above two and a half minutes of carnage, but in case you do find yourself with a little blood on your hands (or jeans), just remember the best way to remove that stain is to dab, not rub.