Exclusive: Chinese Food Singer Alison Gold Thinks Wonton Soup Is 'Really Disgusting'

13-year-old singer gives MTV News a behind-the-scenes look at her video.

It's hard to keep any big secret from you school friends. But when the news you're trying to hold under wraps is that you're about to be an overnight Internet star
, well, that's way more difficult.

Luckily for Alison Gold, she didn't have to sneak around for long to hide the success of her YouTube smash "Chinese Food", because not long after it went up on Tuesday her friends were already singing the song to her and serenading her with the catchy "chow m-m-m-m-mein" chorus.

Gold said she got very excited when producer/songwriter/rapper Patrice Wilson
 brought her the tune and was flattered that he chose her to star in his latest viral sensation. Unlike Wilson, who knew he had something special in the can, Gold said she didn't expect the video to get so popular so fast (at press time it had nearly 7.5 million views).

On Wednesday night, MTV News sat down with Gold, 13, in her Southern California home and asked her to break down the "Food" video frame-by-frame.

"We couldn't book an actual Chinese restaurant, so we actually used a Mongolian restaurant," she said of the iconic opening scene where a chef is cooking noodles that transform into a rainbow. When we first see Gold, she informs us that she's been balling and clubbing and now she's so hungry that she's "getting, getting, getting, getting grumpy."

How grumpy? "That trash can that I pushed over?" she said of the green bin she takes her frustrations out on. "I actually broke it by kicking it too much." When Gold visits the Chinese restaurant and comments on the beauty of the chicken wings and broccoli on the menu she's not just acting, either, she really does love broccoli and has always loved Chinese food, especially noodles, rice and dumplings. "It actually does taste good," she said of the song's subject. "[But] the wonton soup was actually really disgusting."

Her favorite part of the shoot was when she and Wilson frolicked in San Diego's Balboa Park. "Patrice was in a panda suit, it was so funny!" she said. "When we were lying in the grass I actually kept on being itchy because the grass was so long."

And yes, the scene where Wilson raps about his love of wonton soup during a sleepover with Gold and some friends was shot in her actual bedroom. "All those girls in the video are now my new best friends," she said of the extras. And, talk about serendipity, Gold said that when they were filming the pillow fight scene, they noticed that she had a panda Pillow Pet on her bed, which is why Wilson is seen wielding the mini panda during the sleepover melee.

"When Patrice flies away in the in the little rainbow he's actually flying through the roof of my house," she revealed of the clip's surprise ending. Gold, who cites Madonna, Rihanna, Pink and Christina Aguilera as her influences, said she would like to release another single and an album and get into acting in the future.

Wilson already has big plans for her. "It's gonna be pretty cool," he said cryptically of their next potential hit. "It's kind of associated with the video now, but it will move on to something else."