Lady Gaga, R.Kelly Rough It Up On 'Do What U Want': Listen

The teaser clip has fans pleasantly surprised about the team-up.

Lady Gaga and R. Kelly just want you to do whatever you want. The Mother Monster is giving fans a preview of her ARTPOP duet, "Do What U Want," with Kells, in a new ad for Beat by Dre.

On the snippet of the song, Gaga and R. Kelly trade lines over a funky, up-tempo beat. "Do What U Want/ Don't Stop/ Let's party," Gaga sings. "Do what u want/ What u want with my body/ Do what u want/ What u want with my body/ Write what you want, say what you want about me/ If you want you know that I'm not sorry."

Then Kelly jumps in with a message for the critics as well, singing, "Taking these haters/ And we rough 'em up/ And we land the cut light, we don't give a..."

Gaga hops on the song one more time for the final word in the tease as she sings, "You can't have my heart/ And you won't use my mind/ Do what you want with my body."

The tune will be available for purchase on Monday, October 21 in North America before it goes worldwide on October 22. Gaga will release two more preview songs on October 27 and November 4 before the album hits retailers on November 11.

The singer then opened up a bit more about the album release, tweeting, "I feel like crying seeing your excitement for the new music it means the world to me, this music is my life. FUN FACT about ARTPOP: I sang the songs over and over until they transformed into a part of me. Then we pressed record. Each song on ARTPOP was inspired by different types of adrenalin, so it's an expression of the various rushes. I want you to feel them."

She also revealed lyrics to her next single, "Venus," which is now slated for release a two days earlier than originally announced. Fans can now pick it up on October 25.

While fans were wondering what the Gaga/Kelly teamup would sound like, listeners to the clip were pleasantly surprised: