‘Why Am I Singing ‘Chinese Food’?’ Viral Video Producer Answers The Question

Man behind 'Friday' says it took him half an hour to write his latest YouTube hit.

Patrice Wilson knows exactly what you like. And right now, it’s his latest earworm sensation, “Chinese Food.” 
 That’s because he knows what he likes, too, and, well, it’s Chinese food.

“I wrote [the song] last July the night before my birthday when I was sitting down with some China Express takeaway,” said Wilson, who penned the instant video hit from Alison Gold, as well as previous viral smashes “Friday”
and “It’s Thanksgiving.”

“I just thought, ’Wait a second, I love Chinese food! I can make that a song because there are no Chinese food songs out there!'” He knew that because he Googled it and realized there was nothing approaching the kind of pop hit he had in mind. He took the song concept to his team — who know about his love of Asian cuisine because he’s always suggesting it for lunch — and they loved the idea too.

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