Britney? Gaga? The Stars Of 'Big Tips Texas' Pick The Best Bartender

Hey Miley, seems the gals of 'Big Tips' think you'd make the cut as a co-worker.

The girls of MTV's "Big Tips Texas" want you to know that, when it comes to their customers, they don't judge: "I've gotten a $100 tip from a hillbilly in his overalls, covered in mud," veteran bartender Amber laughs.

But as for their co-workers, well, that's a different matter entirely. As anyone who's seen the show can attest to, there's plenty of judgment being passed between Amber and newcomer Morgan ... not to mention a whole lot of side-eye and some threats of bodily harm, too.

So, to get ready for tonight's all new episode of "Big Tips" — 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV, y'all! — we decided to ask Amber, Morgan and Macy what would happen if some of today's biggest stars and celebs applied to be bartenders at Redneck Heaven, the show's honky-tonk home base. Turns out, it takes a lot more than just filling out the uniform (which, as the girls explain, is basically just "Daisy Dukes and a top pulled three inches above your belly button") ... you've gotta be a bad-ass, with conversation skills to spare.

So, would Miley, Gaga or Britney make the cut? Find out for yourself, straight from the gals who know "Big Tips Texas" best:

Catch a wild new episode of "Big Tips Texas" Wednesday night at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV!

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