Lady Gaga's Muppets Christmas Special: We've Got The Sneak Peek

From Kermit's Lady Gaga dress to secret strippers, here's what will make your Christmas Gaga-riffic.

Now that we've learned Lady Gaga and The Muppets are collaborating on a Christmas special, MTV News has been wondering what the show would look like. And though Christmas (despite what certain stores might have you think) is months away, we've imagined our own sneak peek:

Jeff Koons Designed Muppet

Gaga is a big Koons fan, even name-checking the artist on her single "Applause." So naturally, she'll be bringing him in to design a brand-new Muppet. Heck, the guy has tackled Popeye, so why not Kermit?

Kermit Wears A Gaga Dress

Call it "returning the favor," if you will, but we're guessing Kermit the Frog will wear a dress made out of hundreds of tiny Gagas.

House Of Gaga Minions Revealed To Be Chickens

Come on, we all knew that House of Gaga's secret, unseen minions were chickens — this special will prove it.

Piggy Jane Holland

Miss Piggy will sing a version of Gaga's upcoming "ARTPOP" track "Mary Jane Holland," called "Piggy Jane Holland," which will pretty clearly be about smoking bacon.

Stripper Buddies

We knew Gaga started as a stripper on the Lower East Side of Manhattan... But did you know that's how she met the Muppets, when they were all stripping together? In a never-before-seen deleted scene from "Muppets Take Manhattan," this secret history will be revealed.

Gaga Babies

Also, we should have seen it coming because Lady Gaga was actually in the "Muppet Babies" scene from "Muppets Take Manhattan," if you look closely enough.

It's Time To Start The Music, It's Time To Come Out

Lady Gaga is a huge proponent of gay rights, and in honor of this, for the first time, we'll find out that all of the Muppets are gay. Every single last one. Even Animal. Also, Miss Piggy is a drag queen, but then, we kind of already knew that.

The Biggest Gaga-Goose In All Of London

The special will end with all the Muppets gathered around the Christmas dinner table, feasting on that Gaga-goose from the "Applause" video. Happy Christmas, everyone!

The Gaga/Muppets Christmas Special will debut later this year on ABC.