Eric Prydz Returning To America... In Hologram Form?

The Swedish producer gives MTV News the scoop on his electric 3-D tour that's coming to North America.

For years, DJs have been changing the vibe of their parties by adding colorful graphics and visuals that flash and pulsate along to the beat. While scientifically all sets are 3-D — this is real life, after all — some DJs are taking it to the next level with visuals that jump off the screen.

After blowing up Europe with his electric 3-D EPIC parties and Las Vegas with his dark Black Dice residency, Eric Prydz is bring his unique hologram-filled experience to New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. While most shows of this scale are pre-synched, Prdyz is scaling down and upgrading his 2.0 version of EPIC to be a completely live show.

"EPIC is a big scaled show that we a few years back decided to do when I was based over in the U.K. It's basically a show based on holograms and the show has been evolving ever since we did it the first time, we never did the same show twice, so now it's all LED-based," Prydz told MTV News. "We wanted to do EPIC in America but we wanted to do it in a way where we could tour with it. EPIC 2.0 which is the upgraded version of 'EPIC' now it's actually tour-able."

Having over a decade full of chart-topping hits like "Call On Me," "Proper Education," "Pjanoo" and "Every Day," along with numerous remixes and singles, the producer reassured us that fans will hear their favorite tracks from his different monikers. "I like people to come to an EPIC concert and feel that they can hear the music that they know, but they will hear it in a new way and also hear brand-new stuff that they never heard before," he said.

No two EPIC sets are alike. With every concert comes a whole new live set and experience. During his set, Prdyz will feel the crowd's vibe, be spontaneous on what he displays and hints that he'll possibly extend his set. While the DJ didn't go into too much detail of what kinds of visuals concertgoers can expect in America, he did tell us one thing to look out for: "I had my whole self laser-scanned for the holograms."