Why Is 'Batman Vs. Superman' Shooting At A Real Football Game This Weekend?

A throwdown is about to go down between Metropolis State University and Gotham City University, and we predict the winner.

The first piece of "Superman-Batman" production news is coming at an unlikely time from an unlikely source. With production not scheduled to start until next year, it came as a surprise today when East Los Angeles College Campus News published a story claiming that Zack Snyder and his crew would be at the October 19 football game to briefly film during halftime.

The set-up of the supposed scene is a football game between Metropolis State University and Gotham City University, with Batman's team having home-field advantage. (We know how well that went for the Rogues.) If this game is set to take place in the upcoming movie, MTV News writers Kevin P. Sullivan and Alex Zalben broke down the match-up based on what we know about each city to pick which team will come out on top.

Kevin P. Sullivan, WGBS "Super Sports"

Metropolis State University is obviously the team to watch here. They have overcome so much in the last six months — a rebuilding period for sure — to be here facing their rivals from Gotham City University. No other team has had to deal with the effects of their school, field and surrounding city block eviscerated by two super-powered aliens duking it out without any regard for what gets destroyed around them, yet here they are. Plus, it doesn't hurt to have Superman on the sidelines, ready to fly backwards in time if the play calls for it, on the sidelines. These guys are the underdogs, but watch their sheer will power and can-do spirit carry them to victory.

Alex Zalben, WGCK "Sports Knight"

See, that's where I'm going to have to disagree with you, Kevin. After Bane's attack on Gotham literally leveled our football stadium, killing nearly every single member of the Gotham City Rogues, GCU had to move practices all the way over to Happy Harbor. Which would have been fine, except our bridges got blown up, making transportation a little difficult. But why do we fall? So we can get back up, Kevin. And Gotham managed to get the bridges up, practices running, and it's a testament to the scrappy nature of Gotham's players that you can practically see them rise off the feel. We may not have the Batman around anymore to protect us, but you'll see us take that field, and you will know how we got those scars.

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