Lady Gaga Wants To Get Under You In 'G.U.Y.' Snippet

Singer gives fans an ARTPOP preview with her acronymic track.

Lady Gaga just wants to be your "G.U.Y." On Monday evening, the singer gave her fans a tease of the ARTPOP track, which is an acronym for "Girl Under You."

The song is upbeat and full of bright production. On the 11-second teaser, Gaga sings, "Love me/ Love me/ Please retweet/ Let me be the girl under you/ That makes you cry/ I want to be that guy/ G./ U./ Y."

The same day she gave fans a taste of "G.U.Y.," or as she says it, "jigh," Gaga also revealed some of the lyrics to her track, "Dope," on Instagram. "My heart would break without you/ Might not awake without you," she teased in the handwritten lyrics for the Rick Rubin-produced track. "Been hurtin' low/ From living high for so long/ I'm sorry and I love you."

Gaga will release ARTPOP lyrics every day until the album's November 11 release date, and she will also reveal a new song snippet next week.

In addition to those sneak peeks, Gaga recently included her Zedd-produced ARTPOP track "Aura" in the marketing for Robert Rodriguez's flick, "Machete Kills", which she appeared in. She also confirmed that the next single off the album will be "Venus." It will be released on October 27.

In a Twitter Q&A held over the weekend, Gaga dished to her Little Monsters what they should expect from the album. "I delved deep into my heart and mind and truly made a record that I wanted to listen to," she tweeted, adding this interesting revelation about the release, her follow-up to 2011's Born This Way. "It is a complete and total transportation from pop culture as you know it into an explosion of art fantasy, rage and eros."