Eminem’s New Track Proves He’s ‘A God,’ Too

Detroit MC is hardly humble on his latest Marshall Mathers LP 2 track 'Rap God.'

On Monday (October 14), Eminem dropped the third track from his upcoming Marshall Mathers LP 2. Team Shady planned a five-post rollout on the rapper’s Facebook page, but shortly after Em shared a link to the director’s cut of “Immortal Portal” (presumably a sample used in the song), rap blog site HipHop-n-more posted a full version of the song, which will be available on iTunes at midnight ET.

The DVLP-produced track starts with plodding piano strikes, while cinematic overdubs set the tone. “Look, I was gonna go easy on you, not to hurt your feelings,” a voice says as Eminem readies himself, repeating Slick Rick’s famous line from 1980s rap hit “The Show”: “Six minutes — you’re on.”

Embedded from www.youtube.com.