Justin Bieber's 'Believe 3D': Five Things We're Dying To See

Before the 3-D documentary/concert flick hits theaters in December, we've put together a wish list of what we want to see.

The holidays will be especially sweet for Justin Bieber's fans this year. The singer's "Believe 3D" documentary/concert flick will hit theaters in December, just in time for Christmas.

The Jon Chu-directed movie will take fans inside Bieber's world, much like the twosome did in 2011's "Never Say Never." We already know that Bieber's moustache will have a part in the flick, but there's a lot more that we hope to see. Are you paying attention, Chu?

His Cars

Bieber has made a few headlines, good and bad, related to his love for fast cars. Who wouldn't want to peek inside Bieber's garage to get a glimpse at his envy-inducing collection? Car lovers will certainly delight in those moments.

That Ariana Grande Photo

We've heard Ariana's side of the story. Now we're hoping to see footage of how the photo of Bieber and Ariana snuggling actually happened. Were the cameras rolling back in August when the snapshot made headlines? Fingers crossed!

All That Ink

Bieber has never been shy about sharing photos of his ink, including that tattoo of his mom's eye on his arm, but we're sure Beliebers would love the chance to see it all happen. Is there any chance someone was filming during one of Bieber's inking sessions? Let's hope so.

The Breakup

The team has been filming with Bieber for some time now, including shooting him at a Miami concert as far back as January. That means that filming would have been taking place right in the middle of Bieber's breakup with Selena Gomez. The were on-again, off-again for months after the initial breakup. How real will "Believe" get, and will Bieber share his side of the breakup in it? Only time will tell.

The Music Journals

With two cuts off his Music Mondays/music journals project out ("Heartbreaker" and "All That Matters") by December, the entire 10-week cycle of new music would have come to an end. We hope "Believe" will take fans inside the process of making this batch of new tunes. Could it also mean some more new music? If we know Bieber, it is completely likely.