Lupe Fiasco And Ed Sheeran Go 'Old School'... To 2003

The '90s-leaning R&B 'Old School Love' is the lead single off Lupe's Tetsuo & Youth.

Ready or not, Lupe Fiasco and Ed Sheeran have teamed up on a brand-new single, and they're kicking it old school.

"Old School Love," the lead single off Lupe's upcoming Tetsuo & Youth album, was released on Monday (October 14). The track, which has a '90s R&B vibe, features the red-headed singer on the hook, singing, "As long as I'm here/ As long as you love me/ Give me that old-school love right now."

And as if the sound wasn't enough of a throwback, Lupe chimes in with rhymes like, "But it's old school, it's like '03/ And this old man is my old me/ Takes a long time to happen so fast/ To realize that your future is somebody else's past." Later on, Lupe drops lyrics about appreciating things of the past like "Analog, black vinyl spinning sounding so good/ Top down, can't be a classic if it's no wood."

While it may seem like an unexpected match, the "Lego House" singer has expressed his love for hip-hop and rap in quite a few interviews and on social media and has been snapped hanging with the likes of The Game and [article id="1714369"]Rick Ross[/article].

In fact, Sheeran told MTV News back in May that his [article id="1713132"]follow-up to 2012's +[/article] was looking to sound a lot like something you might hear on [article id="1706937"]hip-hop radio[/article]. He even once pledged to [article id="1710752"]"pretend to be rappers"[/article] with Taylor Swift if they won a VMA. Until that happens, the Sheerios will just have to keep "Old School Love" on repeat.