'Fifty Shades Of Grey': We Get Crazy Re-Casting Christian Grey!

With a vacant spot in the cast left by Charlie Hunnam, MTV News has five picks you definitely won't expect.

Charlie Hunnam's departure from "Fifty Shades of Grey" came as a shock to pretty much everyone looking forward to the adaptation of E.L. James' controversial book, and for a significant percentage of the fanbase, it also came as a pleasant surprise.

The "Sons of Anarchy" actor was a divisive pick for the role of Christian Grey from the start, with the more vocal fans rooting for "White Collar" star Matt Bomer and Henry Cavill ("Man of Steel"), and in the wake of Hunnam leaving the project, those fans of have taken to Twitter to echo their earlier suggestions.

So before you start throwing out unrealistic dream-casting picks like Ryan Gosling, Michael Fassbender and Channing Tatum, let's suggest some out-of-the-box candidates to be the new Christian Grey.

David Oyelowo

As one of the breakout stars of 2013, Oyelowo seems poised to sign onto a high-profile role like Christian Grey and make the next step to stardom. His name was floated last month as a possible lead for "Jurassic World" alongside Bryce Dallas, but for "Fifty Shades," producers wouldn't exactly avoid the backlash they faced with Hunnam. Obviously, Oyelowo doesn't match the descriptions of Grey from the book, and all it took for some fans to reject Hunnam was his hair color. Casting Oyelowo, however, would make a strong statement about the project and how willing producers and director Sam Taylor-Johnson are to defy expectations.

Taylor Kitsch

The former Tim Riggins has had a hard go at crossover stardom after a fantastic run on "Friday Night Lights." His "bad boy with a heart of gold" persona was unsuccessfully shoehorned into some lackluster material, so maybe it's time that we see how flexible Kitsch can be. A turn as Christian Grey would be new territory for Kitsch, who has never been allowed to show his versatility on a platform as big as this one.

Starbucks Drake Hands Guy

Listen, no one has received more attention for his seduction skills in the last week than the barista behind the sultry #starbucksdrakehands meme. If producers want to set someone who is the talk of the town right now (or last week), this is the man for the job. What could be more sensual than Christian approaching Anastasia and draping the back of his hand over his face?

Aaron Taylor-Johnson

When Sam Taylor-Johnson was announced as the director, outside of film circles, she was perhaps best known as the wife of actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson. As a young up-and-coming actor himself, Taylor-Johnson isn't a bad choice for the role, despite his age. Casting someone young than Dakota Johnson could also shake up the dynamic between the characters, creating a more interesting battle of the wills on screen.

Benedict Cumberbatch

We would just like to test our theory that Tumblr would be reduced to a pile of smoldering ash after the casting announcement.