'The Walking Dead': Watch The Prequel Trailer For 'Daryl Dixon: Homicide Cop'

It's some real undercover sh--, he doesn't like to talk about it. But MTV News does.

Anybody who watched last night's season premiere of "The Walking Dead" couldn't miss a key scene featuring a fan favorite character's backstory. For four years, we've wondered what Norman Reedus' Daryl Dixon did before he became the most hardcore zombie hunter in the outer Atlanta area. And now, we finally (maybe) know the answer.

New character Zack has apparently been trying to guess Daryl's pre-pocalypse job every day, one guess a day since he showed up at camp. And Zack finally thinks he's got it: Daryl was a "homicide cop." Daryl doesn't deny it: not only was Zack spot-on, but, "It was some real undercover sh--, I don't like to talk about it," says Daryl.

Zack may not have believed the deadpan Daryl, but we're luckily enough to reveal, for the first time anywhere, the trailer for the prequel to "The Walking Dead," titled "Daryl Dixon: Homicide Cop."

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OK, fine, it's a bit of parody on our part mixing footage from two "Boondock Saints" movies, "The Walking Dead," and "Brother's Keeper" for the Michael Rooker footage. But wouldn't a Daryl Dixon-focused prequel series be awesome?

You can check out "The Walking Dead" on AMC every Sunday at 9 p.m. ET for more clues to just what Daryl did before the zombie invasion. We're guessing "astronaut."