Happy Birthday, Usher! These Are Our Confessions...

Ursh, for your b-day, MTV News thought we'd flatter you a bit.

It's Usher's birthday! But what does a place like MTV News do for a celebrity's birthday?

We've been known to Photoshop party hats on Jay Z and Bey and get a bunch of celeb pals to wish Justin Bieber a happy birthday, but there has to be something more fitting for Mr. Raymond IV. Something from the soul.

Usher, happy 35th. These are our "Confessions."

The first thing... well, we just saw your latest magazine cover. And we confess, we swooned a little when we saw you flashing your pearly whites, boxing gloves draped around your neck in Men's Health. One question though, when we were flipping through the pages, we saw those abs (thanks for the workout tips, by the way). Why didn't you put that picture on the cover?

Second thing... Your abs. We confess: we're kinda missing the shirtless days of yesteryear. Sure, you're pretty stylin' in the "DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love" video, but you know what they say about having it and flaunting it...

Third thing... "was me wishin' that I never did what I did, how I ain't ready for no kid and bye bye to our relationship." Woops , getting carried away. (We've listened to "Confessions Part II" like five times already while writing this.)

Fourth thing... So we just tried doing the "DJ" video moves in the Newsroom, and it didn't really go as planned... You know what else didn't really go as planned? Dancing to "U Got It Bad" at the 8th grade semi-formal. (I was so ready for my first slow-dance with Jeremy Roth, but we were both too nervous.)

Fifth thing... We loved you on "The Voice" last season. And while we do enjoy watching Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo swiveling their chairs, there's something about your seriousness and competitive determination that made the show a little more feisty.

Sixth thing... We may or may not have added this to our iTunes playlists.