‘Glee’ After Finn: What’s Next For The Show?

More Demi? A new mean girl? MTV News breaks down what Gleeks will see when the Fox show returns on November 7.

“Glee” fans will have the next few weeks off to recover from the very emotional Cory Monteith tribute episode that aired Thursday. But when the Fox series returns on November 7, it will be back in all its kooky glory, putting silly antics, petty disagreements and over-the-top performances back at the center of the story.

A new trailer teases the next episode, which returns after a hiatus (thanks baseball playoffs), and MTV News is breaking down what to expect.

An APOPcalypse Is A Comin’!
The aPOPcalypse hasn’t been averted, just yet. The upcoming episode of “Glee” is titled “A Katy or a Gaga.” And by the looks of it, the gleeks are taking sides in the epic battle, meaning fans can expect extravagant takes on numbers from each of those pop princesses. It also means there will be costumes inspired by Gaga (yes, that’s Artie as Gaga in the “Applause” video) and Katy.

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