#StarbucksDrakeHands Videos: The Best, The Worst And The Just Plain Creepy

From Panic! At The Disco, to Larry King and the creepy unicorn, we've put together the best of the best.

Drake has said he wants you to play his sultry Nothing Was the Same track "Hold On, We're Going Home" at your wedding. But for now, he seems to be completely fine if you use it to make #Starbucksdrakehands.

For the few who haven't heard the tale, the #Starbucksdrakehands movement -- yes, movement -- is the classic boy meets girl, girl makes boy a laughing stock of the entire Internet. Over the weekend, a Starbucks barista asked for a customer's number and ending up sending her a video selfie of himself staring at the camera, touching his chiseled jawline as Drizzy's pleas of "I want your hot love and emotion" cooed in the background. Clearly, he wasn't exactly successful in wooing his target, but he inspired a lot of parodies from the likes of and Panic! At the Disco's Brandon Urie and Larry King.

To save you the trouble, MTV News has mucked through the World Wide Web for the best parodies out there. So sit back, enjoy and try not to get lost in the sheer sexiness of it all.