‘Glee’ Fans Know Cast’s Tears During Cory Monteith Tribute Were ‘100% Real’

Thursday's farewell episode, 'The Quarterback,' left fans emotional too.

When the “Glee” cast paid an emotional tribute to Cory Monteith Thursday night, the genuineness of their emotion throughout the episode were felt by the viewers at home, who also broke out tissues to say goodbye to Monteith’s character, Finn.

No matter how difficult it was to watch “The Quarterback,” Gleeks took to social media during and after the episode to remember the actor, who died on July 13 at the age of 31 from a mixed drug toxicity involving drugs and alcohol.

“It was hard to watch tonight’s #Glee,” @MikeyPiff wrote. “That wasn’t acting. You knew those tears were real. #RememberingCory.”

@AlyssCampanella shared the sentiment, adding, “You know all the emotions in tonight’s #Glee were 100% real. And that’s what made it hurt my heart the most. #rememberingcory.”

The episode took place weeks after Finn’s death, which remained unexplained, as the glee club reunites to remember their pal through songs including “Seasons of Love” from “Rent” as well as covers of the Band Perry, the Pretenders, Bob Dylan and more. The songs only served to highlight the mournful tone of the goodbye episode.

“Watched this part of the ep,3 times..the boyf[riend] was there to comfort me. It’s so sad!#rememberingcory #gleetribute,” liyanahanim shared on Instagram.

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