Lady Gaga Warns Of A 'Pop Music Emergency' With Latest ARTPOP Single

'TONIGHT WE ANNOUNCE THE BIRTH OF .. 2ND SINGLE #VENUS,' Gaga said of the October 27 release.

Lady Gaga continued the slow-leak reveal of her ARTPOP
 extravaganza on Thursday by making her little monsters guess what the second single from the album will be.

"Ready to know what/when the next single is?" she teased, hours after unveiling the full track list
 for the album. "TREND your song prediction and when you guess it right I will announce it!"

Urging followers to work together on what she called a "911 POP MUSIC EMERGENCY," Gaga said fans were close with "MANiCURE" and "Donatella," but, sorry, no cigar. They quickly guessed right, though, and Gaga rewarded them with a trio of intergalactic hashtags.

"YOU ARE CORRECT," she wrote. "TONIGHT WE ANNOUNCE THE BIRTH OF .. 2ND SINGLE #VENUS. Worldwide release Oct. 27 2013. Descend your discoballs."

Now let's see if those new tags — #TAKEMETOYOURPLANET, #TAKEMETOYOURLEADER and #TAKEMETOYOURVENUS start trending.

Gaga also announced that the first 500,000 copies of ARTPOP will have a special cut-out made of hot pink and silver metallic foil. "The foiling represents the true design of the cover as imagined by the artist Jeff Koons
, who hand-collaged the typography himself," she wrote of the famed sculptor who created the figure of Mother Monster that adorns the album's cover.

"In other words," she continued. "YALL BETTER GET ONE OF THOSE FIRST 500,000. They are once in a lifetime, one of a kind."