Cory Monteith On 'Glee': Watch Our Favorite Finn Moments

MTV News remembers the late actor with a tribute of our own before Thursday's goodbye.

As McKinley High says their final farewell to Finn Hudson, the cast and crew of "Glee" honor the memory of Cory Monteith, who passed away in July, with a heartwarming tribute episode paying respect to their beloved co-star. We prepared our own tribute to the talented star as we reminisce with a few of our favorite Cory Monteith performances from "Glee."

'The Scientist' (Season 4 Episode 4, 'The Break-Up')

The song perhaps most remembered for the end of "Finchel" is one of the most emotionally poignant numbers "Glee" has ever attempted. "The Scientist" forgoes the typical high-energy performance the show is traditionally known for and instead focuses on this understated, sentimental number that is both beautiful and heart-wrenching.

'Somebody to Love' ( Season 1 Episode 5, 'The Rhodes Not Taken')

This toe-tapping rendition of the Queen classic reunited Finn and Rachel — the heart and soul of New Directions — while finding its way into millions of ear buds across the country.

'Don't Stop Believin' (from the pilot):

The song most synonymous with "Glee," this impromptu performance not only saved New Directions, but prevented Mr. Schue from a grim, passionless future as an accountant. This was the first of many emotionally charged duets between Finn and Rachel.

'Just the Way You Are' (Season 2 Episode 8, 'Furt')

The quintessential Finn and Kurt moment where the two brothers officially become "Furt." While this wedding anthem of acceptance is primarily remembered for Finn and Kurt's adorable dance, Rachel and Finn share a charmingly endearing moment of their own after professing their love to each other earlier in the episode.

'Man in the Mirror' (Season 3 Episode 8 'Hold on to Sixteen'):

This impossible-not-to-sing-along-to fan favorite primarily focuses on the male members of New Directions on their way to a victory at sectionals.

After Thursday (October 10) night's episode, "Glee" will go to a brief hiatus and return on November 7. Songs will be sung, jokes made, and pop culture witticisms will continue to be briskly exchanged, but it won't be quite the same. Cory Monteith was the leader of "Glee;" their figurative and literal quarterback, and his presence will be sorely missed. When "Glee" returns in November we'll sing, we'll laugh, but we won't quite be able to forget the voice we no longer hear. Sometimes the saddest songs are the ones left unsung.