'Supernatural' And More: Get Your Fall TV Fix With These Behind-The-Scenes Pics!

Get your first look at Warner Bros. shows with set photos on MTV News.

No one's been more excited about the arrival of the new batch of genre shows than us here at MTV News. We've been anxious for details (and maybe the tiniest glimpse) of series like the J.J. Abrams-produced "Almost Human" and "The Tomorrow People" reboot, both of which are currently shooting up in Vancouver, British Columbia. These shows — along with "Supernatural" and "The 100" — were part of our whirlwind tour through some of the new worlds being created in America's hat — and we've got pictures of 'em!

First up, check out John Kennex (Karl Urban) and his android partner Dorian's police station in the Fox drama "Almost Human." Interesting tidbit: since you can see everything that's going on all the time, it's apparently really tough to film in an all-glass set.

And this second image is from the church lab/workshop of android maker and scientist Rudy (Mackenzie Crook, "Pirates of the Caribbean," "The Office"), and you would be surprised how tough it was not to play catch with that head.

The image above is from one of the Ultra facility sets of the CW's "The Tomorrow People" reboot. Here, Mark Pelligrino's ("Supernatural," "Revolution") Dr. Jedikiah Price can capture the evolved teens of the series and interrogate them (or gaze longingly into their TV-perfect eyes).

"Supernatural" returned this week, and as Sam and Dean deal with a plague of angels in their ninth season, at least they still have a place to rest their heads. The Men of Letters bunker, introduced last season, has gotten an overhaul on its Warner Brothers set, including a kitchen, a prison cell, and the world map you see in the image above (you know, in case Sam and Dean need to plot how they'll conquer Stalingrad or something).

Where do ex-con teens crash-landed on the irradiated remains of Earth live? Wherever there's breathable air and shelter, that's where. These crashed landing pod and Ark living quarters images are from "The 100," the drama about criminal teens sent on the worst possible community service as they explore the remains of Earth. Sure, they'll have to survive both environmental and animal threats, but beyond that, no one's going to tell them when to stop partying.