Jay Z, Justin Timberlake Or Miley? We Predict Pharrell's Wedding Party Lineup

Some fantasy performance picks for what's sure to be a star-studded event hosted by Skateboard P and his bride this weekend.

Chances are that if you named five of your favorite pop tracks released in 2013, Pharrell either produced or was featured on one of them. That means Skateboard P has a roster of friends and close collaborators ranging from Miley Cyrus to Daft Punk, Jay Z to Earl Sweatshirt and Justin Timberlake to Frank Ocean.

Pharrell reportedly tied the knot with longtime girlfriend Helen Lasichanh in a private ceremony back in August, and now he's planning an elaborate party in Miami to celebrate. Naturally, we're wondering who will perform, so we predicted some possible artist match-ups and playlist picks that could be pretty promising —all produced by Pharrell, of course.

Jay Z And Daft Punk Dance Party

Oh, what we would give to see King Hov lose himself to dance. Jay has worked with Pharrell over the years on monster hits like "I Just Wanna Love U," plus "BBC" and "Oceans" on his recent album Magna Carta Holy Grail and while he's a pop-culture force, he's never really ventured into the territory of electronic/dance music. We've seen him jam with Justin Timberlake on several stages, but how about JT sit this one out so Hov and the Robots can get it poppin'. We're sure Jay has a shiny suit that'd complement those helmets hiding somewhere in his closet.

Song Picks: "Lose Yourself to Dance" and "BBC"

Justin Timberlake And Pusha-T Reunion

On Justin Timberlake's 2002 album Justified Pharrell (and Chad Hugo) produced the hit single "Like I Love You" featuring the Clipse, and that's the last time we heard JT and Pusha-T together on a track. Fast forward to 2013 and Pharrell lent his production to "Suicide" on Pusha's much anticipated solo debut My Name is My Name. We've seen Justin Timberlake rap-a-long with Jay Z in concert, so we know for a fact that he could throw an assist to Pusha on "Suicide" after they treat guests to a rendition of "Like I Love You."

Song Picks: "Like I Love You" and "Suicide."

Miley Cyrus And Frank Ocean Mash-Up

The best way to describe the similarities between Miley Cyrus and Frank Ocean's stage shows would be "absolutely-nothing-in--common-not-even-a-little-bit," but that's the fun part. Frank Ocean's solo career got off to a shaky star due to his severe case of stage fright, and while he's certainly loosened up since then, we're pretty sure that performing with Miley Cyrus — twerking, tongue, foam fingers — might send Frank running before he could make it through "Sweet Life," another Pharrell production. We'd still like to see them try though.

Song Picks: "Sweet Life" + "#Getitright"

2 Chainz And Nile Rodgers Jam Session

"Feds Watching" paired with an acoustic guitar? Legendary producer and guitarist Nile Rodgers has worked with everyone from Madonna to Michael Jackson, and recently assisted Pharrell with crafting Daft Punk hits like "Lose Yourself to Dance," but we imagine that he and 2 Chainz could also make some magic together. Not only would it be interesting to hear what a live jam session between these two would sound like, but we're pretty sure that their outfits would be nothing to scoff at either. 2 Chainz and Nile Rodgers would be fresh as hell if the feds were watching.

Song Picks: "Feds Watching (Acoustic)"

Beyoncé And Rick Ross Duet

Rick Ross was featured on Jay Z's "F---WithMeYouKnowIGotIt" this year, but the Bawse hasn't had a chance to collaborate with Hov's leading lady just yet, and this could be a great opportunity to get moving on that one. Pharrell produced the single "Presidential" on Ross' most recent album God Forgives, I Don't and Queen Bey definitely knows a few things about living the lavish life. Elijah Blake assists Ross on the song's hook, but in the spirit of romance, some female vocals could do the trick.

Song Picks: "Presidential"