'Harry Potter' Reunion: Daniel Radcliffe And Alan Rickman Reveal What It'd Take

Actors weigh in on whether or not they'll return for 'Fantastic Beats.'

In the wake of news that J.K. Rowling would return to the wizarding world for a new series of films based on "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them," the minds of "Harry Potter" fans have been racing, thinking of how their favorite characters might return to the big screen.

Though the new series of films will follow Newt Scamander in the 1920s, the "Harry Potter" series has dabbled with time travel, so anything is possible. When the question was put to Daniel Radcliffe by The Hollywood Reporter, that was the only way he could imagine Harry Potter showing up again, but for the most part, he thinks he's done.

"I don't think I'm going to be coming back.... We can't be doing these characters when we're 40, so there has to be a line drawn," Radcliffe said.

He wouldn't, however, say "no" definitively "because I never know what Jo [Rowling] is going to write, but at the moment I'm in the same position that everyone else is in — waiting to hear what information is coming out because I don't know anything about these new films."

Radcliffe's former on-screen professor, Alan Rickman, is in essentially the same position, but he knew even less. When he spoke with MTV News' Josh Horowitz about his new movie "CBGB," he hadn't heard about plans for a new movie at all.

"I don't really know what she's doing," Rickman said.

While he answered the question as diplomatically as Radcliffe, unwilling to rule out an appearance, he had the same reservations.

"I suppose I'm wise enough to never say 'never,' but I'm dead so I don't know where I'm going to be scrapped back from. I'm so dead."