'Angry Birds': What To Expect When It Crashes Into Theaters

We got three stars in guessing what the feature film version of the mobile game might be about.

It's consumed all your time on mobile and video game platforms, and now "Angry Birds" is coming to movie theaters. The previously announced CG-animated film officially has animation vets Fergal Reilly and Clay Kaytis on board to direct the flick, which will debut in theaters on July 1, 2016. But what can we actually expect from an "Angry Birds" movie?

Angry Birds

All your favorites will be there: The red bird who breaks stuff, the blue bird who breaks into three birds, bomb bird, yellow triangle bird and hopefully a wisecracking, talking slingshot voiced by Kevin James. Just spitballing.

Bad Piggies

The plot of any Angry Birds game is that a bunch of pigs come and steal eggs from the birds. Then the pigs retreat to their castles, which get destroyed by the birds while the pigs themselves are horrifically murdered. Hopefully, keeping with dark gritty movies like "Man of Steel," Reilly and Kaytis won't shy away from letting the birds absolutely slaughter the pigs in massive bouts of destruction — and then snap their necks.


A large part of any mobile game is microtransactions, small payments to extend your gameplay, or bypass levels. Could you imagine if Rovio was able to extend that to the theaters? Don't like a scene, or think it's taking too long? Pay ninety-nine cents, and you can skip right to the next scene!

The Quest For Three Stars

Fingers crossed you have to go see the movie in theaters multiple times — "Clue: The Movie" style — in order to secure all three stars and complete your movie-watching experience.

Sequels, Sequels, Sequels

If the movie is a success, no reason to think that Rovio won't go ahead and slowly extend the movie-watching experience every few months with new expansions. And can you say, "Angry Birds: Star Wars"? J.J. Abrams, watch out.

Seriously though, Rovio has been slowly extending the world of their games through comic strips released in advance of each new game expansion, which you can check out here. They probably give a far better indication of where Rovio might go with this movie, and maybe even work as a template to figure out how to take these characters from two dimensions, into three.

"Angry Birds" will hit theaters from Rovio and Sony Pictures on July 1, 2016.