Lady Gaga Unveils ARTPOP Track List

'Donatella,' 'Fashion!,' and R. Kelly collabo 'Do What U Want' among the album's 15 songs.

Because even the track list of her albums is an event, Lady Gaga didn't just slap the 15 song titles for ARTPOP
 up on Twitter feed Wednesday night, she made the whole thing an event like no other.

The actual announcement was delayed because she had trouble figuring out which one of two songs "cockfighting" for the #12 spot would make the cut. But when it happened, there was of course much pomp and circumstance.

"Mary Jane Holland," which showed up in a "Monstervision" video from Gaga in August, won that fight. And, after the slight delay, a group of Los Angeles Monsters who call themselves the LA Rivington Rebels began tweeting a series of pictures of their murals commemorating each song title.

"They've been sleeping outside of the Record Plant (my studio) for a month!" Gaga said of the Rebels. "Sleeping bags, booze & all." And then the show began, with the first image of track one, the "Machete Kills" trailer tune

The reveal continued with "Venus," "G.U.Y.," "Sexxx Dreams," the T.I., Too $hort and Twista rap collaboration "Jewels N' Drugs," "MANiCURE" and the R. Kelly collabo "Do What U Want."

The album's title track is #8, followed by "Swine," "Donatella," "Fashion!," "Mary Jane Holland," "Dope", "Gypsy" and, of course, first single "Applause."

A helpful fan then uploaded the entire mural for all Monsters to see, complete with the Rivington crew posing in front of their masterpiece.

Gaga also revealed that she's been celebrating the completing of ARTPOP, due out November 11, with none other than drag legend RuPaul, posting a picture of the pair hanging out at the Record Plant.

While a number of the songs were previewed at an iTunes Festival
 show last month, some of the tracks haven't been performed in public yet, including the "Do What U Want," "Fashion!" and "Mary Jane Holland."

ARTPOP track list:




"Sexxx Dreams"

"Jewels N' Drugs"


"Do What U Want"





"Mary Jane Holland"