Oh Land Reveals 5 Things You Don't Know About Her -- The Horror!

Nanna Oland Fabricius admits to MTV News she loves watching a good horror film (with a bowl of chicken hearts and gravy to munch on?).

Once in a while, we like to tap our inner foodie, and sure, we've tried rabbit, ostrich, the occasional venison steak, but when it comes to chicken hearts? Well, we'll leave that to the daring tastebuds of Danish singer Oh Land — who likes 'em smothered in gravy.

Nanna Oland Fabricius stopped by MTV News to talk about her new genre-bending album Wishbone, and while she was here, we asked her to name five little known facts about herself. One of them involved her love for poultry gizzards.

"My favorite dish is chicken hearts and gravy," Nanna said, smirking. "Which is a problem because I'm trying to be a vegetarian, and hearts is like the most brutal thing you can eat. But it just tastes so good."

When chatting about the secret tidbits of info she wanted to share with MTV News, we suggested she talk about her pets, but she insisted that all her "Narwhals" know about her little dog Ujan. She wanted to share obscure facts... so naturally she told us about her love for horror movies, her dream trip to Angkor Wat, Cambodia, and her horrible teeth-grinding habit.

"I need a mouth guard, my dentist told me, but no," she said, shaking her head. "I had braces for too long in my early childhood. It was horrible."

Oh Land gave us another memory from her childhood — one where she got in a huge fight with her mom over Jagged Little Pill.

"One of the first big arguments I had with my mother was over an Alanis Morissette album that I loved so much and she didn't get it so I was so angry and it ruined our whole vacation," she said.

The "Renaissance Girls" singer is currently touring in support of Wishbone, which she helped describe to us when she visited on release day.

"It's both very dreamy but also very grounded," she said about the album. "I would describe my album as the conflict between the brain and the body. Wish is all your thoughts and your dreams, and bones, being like your very physical world."