Lady Gaga's 'Aura': Zedd Takes Us Inside The 'Unique Electronic' Song

Producer opens up to MTV News about how Gaga's 'crossing over' on ARTPOP.

Lady Gaga is one month away from giving fans her third studio album, ARTPOP. And after hearing "Applause," her Little Monsters are clamoring to know what's next.

"Aura," which was featured in in a trailer for "Machete Kills," has been rumored to be the next single off the November 11 album. So when MTV news caught up with the track's producer, Zedd, we found out everything we could about it.

"I obviously, I would love for it to be a single, but there's so many great songs on the album. She will make the right decision," Zedd explained. "I think 'Aura' [is] one of the most interesting and unique electronic songs ever, honestly. It's so crossing over to, you know, there's so many guitars and it's like an oriental vibe. And there's a hard electronic drop and kind of a minimal drop in the end. I don't how to describe it, it's kind of cool."

Gaga played the song at the iTunes Festival over the summer, and the full studio version is slated to premiere in a lyric video tied to the release of "Machete Kills," which had been scheduled to drop on October 8. Gaga will make her film debut in the Robert Rodriguez flick, out Friday.

Zedd is one of a handful of producers who worked with Gaga on her follow-up to 2011's Born This Way, including DJ White Shadow and RedOne. And while Zedd has no idea what will make the final cut on the release, which features a cover designed by Jeff Koons, he's just excited for fans to hear the final product.

"I'm stoked for it to come out and for everybody to hear it. It's been working for a while, so it feels good when it's finally out there. I don't know how many she will end up picking. We've worked on a couple and she, obviously, has the final call and, you know, in this world these things can change any minute," he said. "You know, last minute changes always happen, so whatever she will decide to do."