A Fake Or A Fight? What Will Happen When Kanye Meets Kimmel Tonight?

After their feud turned ugly last month, West is the surprise guest on Wednesday's 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

What will happen when Kanye West sits down with Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday (October 9) night? We're not sure — who knows, 'Ye might not actually sit; he may just stand and yell the whole time — but we've got a few ideas.

The way we see it, there are only two possible ways this thing plays out. Either the two resolve their feud — which began when Kimmel poked fun at Kanye's BBC interview, carried over to the world of "fashion consulting," and crested with Rick Ross defiantly declaring "F--- Jimmy Kimmel" — with some sort of cage match, or they'll share a heartfelt laugh, content in the knowledge that the joke's on us.

In short, it's either going to be a fight, or a fake, and, frankly, either outcome seems plausible. Especially when you're dealing with a mercurial star of West's caliber and a host who delights in pushing the boundaries like Kimmel. And since we can't just sit around and wait until "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" airs at 11:35 p.m., we're breaking down each scenario right now!

It's a Fight!

For starters, there's the fact that Kanye was clearly heated about this whole thing, taking shots at Kimmel's manhood and his livelihood via Twitter (he also called him a "manipulative media motherf---er."). Then, according to the host himself, West phoned Kimmel before his show, proclaiming himself to be "the most powerful voice in media," referring to himself as Tupac, and threatening "You'll never be able to show your face at a 14-year-old's football game ... again."

Of course, in the days following his outburst, West subsequently deleted those tweets, and seemed content to let "fashion consultant" Jibril Durimel speak on his behalf — Kimmel, meanwhile, challenged 'Ye to a rap battle — and has cooled considerably. But still, this is Kanye West, and let's just say he doesn't strike us as someone who enjoys poking fun at himself. And while he usually settles slights with his words (unless the paparazzi are involved), we can't help but wonder if he'll have Ricky Ross show up and do his dirty work for him? Rozay did seem pretty upset about the whole thing.

It's a Fake!

Sure, Kimmel has denied that his feud with West is a hoax, but ever since he revealed that he was the mastermind behind the "Worst Twerk Fail EVER" meme, it's sort of difficult to believe him. We're still not convinced this isn't all part of his greatest punking project to date.

Like, for starters, when Kanye was posting those anti-Kimmel photos on Twitter, didn't it seem like they were coming a bit too quickly? It's enough to make you wonder if 'Ye didn't have them ready in advance, to launch mid-rant.

Consider also that Kanye seemingly only does talk shows when he has to. In the wake of his VMA outburst in 2009 — you remember that one, right? — West appeared on "The Tonight Show" to to offer a tearful apology, then all but disappeared from the public eye. When he sat down with Kris Jenner earlier this summer, it certainly didn't hurt that A) she was the grandmother of his child; and B) he could beat the paparazzi at their own game by using her (very elaborate) stage to reveal the first photo of said child.

Interviews with respected outlets like The New York Times and BBC Radio make sense, given his artistic aura; showing up on the couches of chat shows doesn't. In fact, it almost seems beneath him... unless, of course, he was there as the payoff to an elaborate prank.

So, will Wednesday night's "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" end in a Pier Six Brawl or a "Got Y'all"?!? There's only one way to find out: tune in. We know we'll be watching.