Miley To Remix 'SMS (Bangerz)' With Gwen Stefani And Nicki Minaj?

Songwriter Sean Garrett tells MTV News about 'SMS,' which could've featured Gwen Stefani and Nicki Minaj.

When Miley Cyrus decided to collaborate with Britney Spears on her Bangerz album, the goal was bigger than merely pairing the new pop-queen with her idol. But as songwriter Sean Garrett tells MTV News, they had a few more ladies in mind for "SMS (Bangerz)".

"SMS" stands for "strutting my stuff," and on the 1980s hip-hop-inspired track, Miley and Britney do just that. Although singers like Gwen Stefani and Nicki Minaj didn't make it to the track, maybe a remix is on the way.

"The first name that we tossed around was Gwen Sefani. We were talking about Gwen because you know Gwen got that edge too, but that's how God works. We were throwing around those ideas," Garrett said on Wednesday (October 9) about the song he helped pen with Mike Will Made It. "Nicki, we were talking about putting Nicki on there too. That would've been nuts too, but I think that's how God works, this was absolutely the right one."

Garrett confirms that song producer Mike Will looked to Salt-n-Pepa and their classic 1986 single "Push It" as inspiration. At a time when hip-hop was an almost all-boys club, Salt-n-Pepa made big strides for female rappers.

"That was all Mike's opinion. He felt like he wanted to fuse that Salt-n-Pepa," Garrett said, acknowledging the influence, while at the same time noting that in the studio, Miley was looking to accomplish something much bigger. "It's like five different things, it's hip-hop, it's the girls, it's a female anthem, Salt-n-Pepa, Britney and Miley... people didn't get that.

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"That's what this record is; it's a celebration of pop culture, beautiful women, strong women," he continued before drawing a parallel to Britney and Madonna's 2003 VMA kiss. "This is more than a collaboration with Britney and Miley; this is a f---ing historical moment. This is as big as when Britney kissed Madonna. It's that."

Still, Garrett wouldn't all the way commit to the idea of a "SMS" remix featuring Miley, Britney, Gwen and Nicki. Instead, he just laughed and subtly championed the idea. "Yeah, yeah," he said with a wide smile.