'Ghost Team One' NSFW Exclusive Clip Gets Sexy -- And Scary

The new horror comedy mixes party antics with ghostly scares in this new clip.

Tired of found-footage horror movies that don't include ghosts having sex with humans? Then you're going to love "Ghost Team One," a parody featuring MTV Tr3s' Carlos Santos as an amateur ghost hunter on the trail of some paranormal activity. And we've got an exclusive, NSFW clip featuring a ghastly, sexy apparition.

In the movie, Brad (J.R. Villareal) and Sergio (Santos) are best friends and roommates throwing a rager of a party. They decide to cover their entire house with cameras, even throwing on some trusty POV GoPros themselves so they can catch all the debaucheries in action. What they don't count on is a ghost who might just feed on sexual activity haunting the house.

Looking to get in on the action, if you catch our sexy and spooky drift, the duo team up with a hot — and possibly crazy — ghost hunter named Fernanda (Fernanda Romero) in order to take down the ghost. In the process, they form the titular "Ghost Team One." Heh. Titular.

In the clip, Sergio, drunk, wanders upstairs to find a place to lie down, only to encounter a room with the old "bra on the door-handle trick." Sergio investigates, but finds no one inside the room. Hearing sounds of sweet, sweet lovemaking, Sergio takes a second look, but still: nothing. And that's when he runs into a ghost.

To find out whether things get sexy or scary (we're betting a nice smorgasbord of both), you'll have to check out "Ghost Team One" when it premieres in select theaters, on-demand and digital on Friday.