Lea Michele Gives Her Take On 'Glee' Tribute To Cory Monteith

Michele opens up for the first time about Thursday's episode, dedicated to the late actor.

Lea Michele has kept a low profile since her onscreen and off-screen boyfriend [article id="1710670"]Cory Monteith died in July[/article]. But she is opening up for the first time about this week's "Glee," which will [article id="1715221"]pay tribute to the actor[/article] and his character, Finn Hudson.

"I haven't seen it yet, but we did it because it was something we all needed to do together. I feel like, for me personally, I've lost two people: Cory and Finn," she told TV Week about the episode, which she describes as "perfect."

During the episode, titled [article id="1715072"] "The Quarterback,"[/article] the cast will gather to say goodbye to Finn weeks after the character's death, the publication reports. As previously reported, viewers will [article id="1712413"]not learn how Finn died[/article]. Lea is slated to sing a cover to [article id="1715124"]Bob Dylan's "To Make You Feel My Love."[/article]

"We had a beautiful [article id="1711304"]memorial for Cory[/article] in the auditorium and some of the cast members sang and people spoke about him. It only felt right that we would do the same thing for Finn, so I felt it was very therapeutic," she said. "Everyone is asking: 'Is it hard to do this? Is it hard to be back at work?' but the truth is it's no harder at work than it is in life so we might as well all be together as a family supporting each other to get through this together."

Michele hasn't said much since Monteith died on July 13 at the age of 31 from a mixed drug toxicity involving drugs and alcohol. She addressed his death in a [article id="1711428"]tweet[/article] and later on when she took the stage at the [article id="1712164"]Teen Choice Awards[/article] to accept an award. "There was no greater man than Cory, so for the time we spent together I consider myself very lucky," she added to TV Week.