Jay Z Spent How Much On Nipsey Hussle’s Crenshaw CD?

Nipsey's $100 CD gets some heavyweight support from Hov.

As if we didn’t already know Nipsey Hussle has a dedicated flock, the Los Angeles spitter proved it when he stuck a $100 price tag on his latest CD. Jay Z was so moved by Nip’s I Am Proud 2 Pay campaign that he reportedly went all in and purchased a number of copies of Crenshaw from the budding rapper in a show of support.

On Tuesday Nipsey posted a screenshot of the wire transfer between he and the superstar MC on Instagram with a caption that read: “N—as be like ’who gone spend $100 on a cd’ I be like…”

The pic didn’t specify how much Hov actually sent over, but did list his “S Carter Enterprises” in a field labeled “Customer Name.”

Embedded from instagram.com.