Miley Cyrus Reveals The Bangerz Track That Completed Her 'Change': Watch!

Cyrus meets up with MTV News on release day to tell us what she wants fans to take away from her album.

NEW YORK — After months of anticipation, the world finally got the opportunity to fully embrace Miley Cyrus' movement with her fourth album, Bangerz.

On Tuesday (October 8), the day of the album's release, Miley visited New York's Planet Hollywood in Times Square where she was greeted by thousands of Smilers and revealed to MTV News what she hopes her fans learn about her once they listen to Bangerz.

"I hope they really see it as the arc that it is," Cyrus said. "Even when I did my documentary for MTV, it really showed a complete arc of where I was and where I am now so I hope they kind of see that."

Many have different opinions of the former Disney star's latest effort, which is currently #1 in 70 countries, but no matter which way you look at it, the album is a personal, provocative and honest.

However, don't expect to figure everything out about the "Miley: The Movement" star on the first listen.

"It's not a one-listen record. If you keep listening to it, you can keep seeing where I change," Cyrus said. "And it's a real story and a real growing."

And Miley admits that there is one particular song where her fans will be able to pinpoint the exact moment of her change.

"I feel like I got to where I finally was on 'Someone Else,' which was the end of the record," Miley said of the intense and emotional Mike Will Made It-produced song about moving on from a relationship, that has her singing over a thumping beat, "I've turned into someone else."

Miley continued, "That's what I mean about it kind of being like a story. I kind of all did it in that time."