Miley Cyrus Fans Bang Out Best Bangerz Tracks: Do They Pick Your Fave?

MTV News hangs out with NYC Smilers waiting to meet Miley on her album release day.

Bangerz is out, y'all! And now, we have a whole lot of listening to do.

We've already heard "We Can't Stop" and "Wrecking Ball" (who hasn't?), and MTV News picked out four more tracks that deserve more play. But which Miley Cyrus songs are the Smilers digging?

Thankfully, we caught up with a bunch of them out in Times Square on Tuesday, when they were waiting for an album signing with the Queen of Twerk herself. They told us all about which Bangerz cuts are the hottest.

" '4 x 4,' " said fan Terence Mitchell, naming his favorite track, which features Nelly. "I love the country vibe she brings to that song."

When Nelly talked to MTV News about the track, he brought up the country twang as well: "It's kind of a country, hip-hop, pop feel, if you can believe that," Nelly said. "It's about having fun; kind of how a 4x4 truck symbolizes rebelliousness ... you know, mashing out, wanting to ride with the bad boys. It's a dope track."

Matthew Kelley Rand chose "#GETITRIGHT" as the prime track. He said the bright, chilled-out song deserves single status because of A-list producer Pharrell Williams, who was featured in Cyrus' MTV documentary, "Miley: The Movement," last week.

"My favorite song off Bangerz is '#GETITRIGHT,' which has to be a be a single in the near to distant future because Pharrell's production is absolutely exquisite as is the entire production by Mike Will Made It and everything," he said. "Oh god, it's just so good. You can't help but dance."

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Here's what Vandana Kumar had to say about her fave song: " 'SMS (Bangerz)' with Britney Spears 'cause she's that chick. I just love that both of them are in it. It just sounds awesome. The whole album's great."