Miley Cyrus And Justin Bieber: The Next 'Workaholics?'

'Workaholics' cast invite Miley and JB to audition — and dance battle — for roles on the show.

Last week, Justin Bieber took time out of his busy — and frequently shirtless — schedule to express his love for Comedy Central's "Workaholics," posting a photo of him watching the show with what appeared to be a half-eaten pizza at his feet (which is the way true fans watch, of course).

That was the show's second, uh, high-profile endorsement in recent months, following a tweet by Miley Cyrus, who wistfully lamented the lack of new "Workaholics" episodes earlier this summer.

Fear not, Miley, your wait is almost over. Because MTV News was just on the set of "Workaholics," where the guys are filming a new season (it's set to debut in January). And in between offering advice about how to survive with the government shutdown — hint: lots of internet porn — they also weighed in on their new spate of superstar fans. And, yes, they're thankful for the endorsements.

"We got two number one stunners, Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus, couple of 'Bebe's Kids' lovin' 'Workaholics,'" Adam DeVine said. "We love it."

Of course, that love only goes so far. Because if JB or Miley want to actually appear on "Workaholics," well, they're going to have to go through the traditional channels. Which means they better get their headshots ready. And their dance steps on lock.

"[Justin] would have to come on and play Miley Cyrus," DeVine said. "And he will need to audition; we're not just giving him a role."

"We don't go out of our way to invite anybody but Bruce Willis," Anders Holm added. "And he might have to dance-battle Blake [Anderson]. That's just something Blake does for everyone who auditions."