Eminem's Detroit Childhood Haunts His 'Survival' Video

Detroit street art, videos games, and a visit to his childhood home all feature in Shady's 'Survival' visual.

Eminem unleashed some furious bars on "Survival" back in mid-August, when he debuted the track as part of a trailer for the "Call of Duty: Ghosts" video game, and on Tuesday (October 8), Shady followed up with an official music video.

The gloomy clip features footage from the video game playing in the background, while Eminem raps passionately, fully clad in black. The storyline simultaneously follows a group of masked artists who spray paint and stencil skulls across Detroit, and only at the very end is it confirmed that Shady is the leader of the crew.

"Survival" will be featured on Em's upcoming seventh album The Marshall Mathers LP 2, so it makes sense that the video ends with the Detroit native surveying a house marked with the number 19946. That would represent 19946 Dresden Street, the house where he grew up in Detroit, and which also appears on the cover art for his latest album. He revealed the artwork last month on Twitter, with a quick trivia question for fans.

"Alright I'm gonna ask a trivia question...first person to get it right gets the #MMLP2 album art before anyone else," Em wrote at the time. "What street did me & Mr. Porter live on together in Detroit when we were working as cooks at Gilbert's Lodge? #MMLP2."

Even though the winner spelled the street name incorrectly, Em was still kind enough to share the artwork. The image is similar to the cover of the original Marshall Mathers LP, which dropped in 2000.

The Marshall Mathers LP 2 will be released on November 5.