Miley, One Direction And Fergie: 6 Artists Sporting Unlikely Band Tees

Miley Cyrus rocked Ice Nine Kills, One Direction sported Nirvana -- MTV News breaks down what merch lurks in artists' closets.

One post-hardcore band from Boston must have seen some majorly different clientele visiting their merch store Monday (October 8) after Miley Cyrus posted a photo of herself sporting one of Ice Nine Kills' "Reefer Fever" T-shirts to Twitter. With that single snap, Cyrus joins an already lengthy list of artists who have worn other genres on their sleeves — quite literally.

Although Cyrus was likely rocking the tee because it features mentee Justin Bieber surrounded by some serious herbal refreshment, the band is still excited about the BANGERZ singers' endorsement. "It's cool to know that Miley can get down with the heavy side of the music world too," singer Spencer Charnas said. "Twerking and breakdowns could be the next thing."

In honor of Miley's foray into the harder side of tunes, here are six more musicians who have come out of the closet about their diverse musical tastes (quite literally) — along with six covers they should perform while covering their bodies in jams.

1. Fergie Wants To Be Sedated

Along with about 75 percent of the shirt-wearing population, Fergie once stepped out in a Ramones T-shirt, which she apparently paired with a jaunty kimono. Gabba Gabba Hey?

Suggested Cover: "Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue." We believe that practice directly correlates to "getting it started" and consequently "getting stupid (come on)."

2. Louis Tomlinson Sports Joy Division

One Direction's Louis Tomlinson hit the red carpet at the 2013 Video Music Awards kitted out in a Joy Division tee. Perhaps after reaching back to the '80s with their Police-inspired single "Diana" — and trekking to the '70s for their "Baba O'Riley"-leaning "Best Song Ever"One Direction will drop a post-punk track reminiscent of the Ian Curtis-fronted (RIP) rock band? One can dream.

Suggested Cover: "Love Will Tear Us Apart." It's right there on his shirt, so... Yeah.

3. Zayn Malik Reaches Nirvana

The boys from One Direction certainly like their rock icons, as Zayn Malik has been seen skulking around town in the classic Nirvana T. Maybe he could add the grunge band's iconic logo to his growing collection of body art? Shops were giving them out pro bono to celebrate the 20th anniversary of In Utero the other week, but we're sure someone will make a Johnny Come Lately exception if Malik is down.

Suggested Cover: "Smells Like Teen Spirit," because the 1D guys are basically drowning in that stuff daily. It clings to their clothing like particularly stubborn cologne.

4. Jordan Knight Rocks The Bauhaus

And lest you think only modern boy bands rocked the band tees, here's a fun little video from the vault, brought to our attention by writer Maggie Serota and her Twitter feed: Jordan Knight of New Kids On The Block sporting a Bauhaus T-shirt way, way back in 1988 (a.k.a. when the boys of One Direction were but the tufts of starstuff and dreams).

Suggested Cover: "Bela Lugosi's Dead." Try to bust out the New Kid's Dance to that, J-Knight.

5. Best Coast Digs Metallica

Back in 2012, Best Coast performed at Metallica's Orion Music & More festival — one of a cadre of bands hand-selected by Lars and Co. to play the fest. So, it's really no surprise that Bethany Cosentino and friends have sported Metallica shirts in the past. Still, we really dig on imagining the sweet-voiced singer covering...

Suggested Cover: "Enter Sandman" — preferably in the style of "Mr. Sandman."

6. Man Man Gets Wolf Blitzer-ed

This last one isn't quite a case of a band sporting another band's T, but, rather, a band creating its own celebrity-inspired ensemble. The band? Philly's own arbiters of weird, Man Man. The celeb? CNN reporter Wolf Blitzer. Huh?

When the band's new album, On Oni Pond, dropped this summer, MTV Hive reported that single "End Boss" — in which a wolf creeps around town, eating babies and drinking vodka — is, in actuality, about Wolf Blitzer, not "the big bad." Frontman Honus Honus (a.k.a. Ryan Kattner) made this reference even more apparent by getting a custom shirt made, emblazoned with Blitzer's face — and when the reporter caught wind of the T-shirt tribute, he made sure to call the band out on the air.

Suggested Cover: How about you let Man Man man the news desk for a few there, Wolf? Maybe they'll let you try on that custom tee.