'Hangover Part III' Blooper Reel Has Us Howling With The Wolfpack: Watch Now!

In this exclusive from the Blu-ray, Zach Galifianakis busts out some fighting words.

It was nearly five months ago that we said goodbye to Phil, Stu and Alan, the Wolfpack of the "Hangover" series, for what may be the last time. "The Hangover Part III" brought the gang back to Las Vegas to close out their journey as the world's most troublesome group of friends.

The Blu-ray release of that final installment, however, is giving us a chance to revisit that last trip with some footage that didn't make the final movie, including this exclusive look at one of the bloopers from the disc.

During a scene at a gas station, Alan (Zach Galifianakis) trash talks Stu (Ed Helms) about the size of his teeth, eventually leading him to use a name that was a little too real for the movie.

Even as we enjoy looking back on the final outing of the Wolfpack, the goodbye is still bittersweet. Could this really be the end of the terrific trio of partiers? We put the question to Bradley Cooper when we sat down with the crew in Las Vegas this past May.

"When ['Part III'] was proposed, it was like, 'Let's end it. Let's do one more to end it,' " Cooper said.

The idea to end it for good was inspired in part for a need to tie up the loose end that was Galifianakis' Alan. Director Todd Phillips felt that he needed more of an ending before they could say goodbye. "We just wanted to make sure it felt like closure. The key to that was feeling that the Alan character had moved on because he was the only loose thread with these guys," Phillips said. "He was one that you'd be most worried about and going, 'I wonder if that guy is OK?' We wanted to make sure that he felt like he was in good hands or at least equally messed up hands."

"The Hangover Part III" hits Blu-ray and DVD today.