'Star Wars Rebels' Teaser: Are There Clues For 'Episode VII'?

The teaser is 16 seconds long, but we're going to blue milk it for all it's worth.

Because a day can't go by without some fleeting bit of "Star Wars" news, today Lucasfilm finally released their first look at the upcoming animated series "Star Wars Rebels." So what can we learn from the 16-second teaser... And what teases does it have for for "Episode VII"?

First, here's what we knew going into the teaser:

» "Star Wars Rebels" will premiere on Disney XD in 2014.

» The CGI animated show is set between "Revenge of the Sith," and "A New Hope."

» It's executive-produced and written by Simon Kinberg, who wrote "X-Men: The Last Stand," and is rewriting the upcoming "Fantastic Four."

And that's pretty much it. With the teaser, though, we do get a sweet voiceover explaining part of the premise: "To battle the Empire, a Rebel Alliance will form, The Jedi will rise, and you will know the power of the Force. Star Wars! Rebels! Coming in 2014 to Disney XD."

So included in those shocking revelations is that the Rebel Alliance that shows up in "Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope" will be in "Star Wars Rebels." Also, there will be stars. And wars.

Slightly weirder is the phrase, "The Jedi will rise," particularly considering "Episode III: Revenge of the Sith" ended with the Jedi being hunted to the edge of the galaxy — and by the time "A New Hope" starts, there's approximately two of them: Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda. And that's it. Potentially there could be other Jedi hiding throughout the Galaxy, but watching Darth Vader hunt down and kill Jedi Knights is what we'd characterize as the opposite of rising.

OK, with the background out of the way, here's some of our favorite moments from the teaser:

It's a planet! Maybe Tatooine?

Star Destroyer! Just like the beginning of "A New Hope."

Still a Star Destroyer.

Wait, is that — Nope, still a Star Destroyer.

The logo, right on the butt of the Star Destroyer. What could it mean?

OK, the first legit cool moment from the teaser, the logo turns into what could be the Millennium Falcon, blasting into hyperspeed.

And then a flash of the Disney XD logo turning into the side of a Tie Fighter. What exactly are you saying about Disney, "Star Wars Rebels"?

So yeah, a lot of meat there. And you know what this means for "Star Wars: Episode VII": nothing.

Actually, maybe something, and it comes back to that "The Jedi will rise," phrase. In the original "Star Wars" trilogy, there's supposed to be only the two Jedi, and Luke Skywalker is the first new member of the order in years. But the Galaxy is a very big place. Could the Empire have missed some Jedi? Could they still be out there somewhere? And could that play into "Episode VII" at all? AND, could we be drawing a connection where there isn't one?

Find out next time, when we break down the "Star Wars Rebel" trailer into individual frames looking for clues. Because we're dying for any real "Star Wars" news. Please, Lucasfilm. Please.